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About Emulator

Post by Admin on Thu May 19, 2016 4:48 pm

On what stage is and tell us anything more for this emulator ?

This is WoWDaemon Based emulator on C# (i will keep original name from Team: Codemonkey, Foole, Tharaxis and Benjou )
For now is on very basic alpha stage (walking , chat ,  some basic spawn and spells )

On what Client Version ?
Beta 0.6

Is this emulator is open source ?
Yes its Open Source .. i work for fun and for community Hope more C# devs will join and we will make one strong team

Why you choise beta 0.6 ?
Bcs this is one Epic version based on old and new models (textures and etc) with old Ironforge. One guy release this version of game before some month and i decide to start to work on it

How we can help on this project ?
For now we need more C# devs .. For ppl who don't have skill on C# they can support us with information about npc spells and etc from 0.6 Smile All information will be useful Smile


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